University of Phoenix Qualification Scam The University of Phoenix promotes that it’s a totally-accredited university. This really is evidently bogus advertising and the university is likely to be prosecuted for phony marketing! In education that is higher, you will find two forms of accreditation: ” institutional accreditation ” and “. ” Institutional certification allows a university or college that operates inside the United States to be in conformity and have eligibility for Title IV financing which is federal government financial aid bucks such as pell grants etc. Institutional accreditation is composed of a team of administrative colleagues that get in, critique packages of review provided by university or a college, and, they accredit that school or university completely. a crew of administrative assistants all accredits the majority of programs, and the associates, bachelors, owners the College of Phoenix offers. Programmatic accreditation is specialized specific method qualification the College of Phoenix lacks for the Therapy programs together with every one of its Information Technology packages. None of the It plans are licensed by the Relationship of Pc Equipment ( nor the Accreditation Board of Executive and Technology ( Programmatic qualification is vital when it comes to a course of study because it means that this system being offered university or by a college was reviewed with a team of experts who’ve years of hands-on or coaching performing experience related to that subject of research. As an example, a team of It experts critique It programs and following the group’s remaining analysis, that universityis Information-Technology packages will either be granted or denied “programmatic certification,” according to that competitors results.

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Currently, let’s look at the error that is significant below. Just how can a team of administrative personnel given by the “institutional accreditor,” (The Larger Learning Payment), know what nursing majors, pre-med majors, pre-regulation majors, psychology majors, chemistry majors, music majors, should really be learning in the classroom? This team of administrative colleagues wouldn’t understand what majors must be understanding nor would they even have a clue where you should insert an IV- hook. Many universities and online colleges, such as the University of Phoenix, simply have its ” accreditation ” given by The Larger Learning Payment. In December 2009, The Higher Learning Fee was scrutinized from the Team of Education’s Office of the Inspector General for giving American Intercontinental University its “institutional certification” after it had been refused accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SASC). National Interncontinental University operated out-of Atlanta, Georgia along with the minute it was declined an initial review of ” qualification ” by SASC, it packed store up and shifted its place. The Higher Learning Commission works from Dallas along with the National Intercontinental University that was very second applied with The Greater Learning Commission for ” accreditation “, American Intercontinental was awarded accreditation. As a result of this, the Section of Trainingis Office of the Inspector General desires to shut down The Bigger Learning Percentage permanently and contact it an ” mill.” You’ll be able to examine more concerning this certification scam on The Log for the internet site of Higher Education here: Nearly all online universities and colleges have merely its ” certification ” supplied for them From The Higher Learning Commission. For more University of Phoenix scam, please visit internet site: You’re able to aid by ranking this informative article up supreme quality content is highlighted by the HubPages neighborhood.

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Useful13 – Funny 5 – Awesome – Beautiful – 3 Recommended Modems Follow (4)Remarks 17 reviews benwal9118 weeks ago Cheers for these details, profitleads! I am taking A.S in IT at Phoenix, plus they are definitely not inside… I’ll be visiting a school near me that is detailed as ABET and transfer there (I have loans from another faculty before Phoenix, therefore I know Phoenix won’t shift) Cheers man, you just saved me from having over a large number of dollars in-debt with a piece of report I will only hit my nose withfitleads23 months ago The “College” is just a purposeful and continuous sham. They’ve fined and been cited, again and again again yet, folks are nevertheless used by their marketing. None of their specialized plans are approved by ABET (search them up) like traditional genuine universities and colleges. Their “degrees”, particularly in technical fields, are financially ineffective. They might have value while in the toilet provided that these were ” fluffy and comfortable “. Try your newspaper area that is classified. Every corporation that is large will be searching for students in technical grounds from establishments which can be ABET accredited…and that does *not* include Phoenix’s “University”.

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UOP is only a Name-4 loan application, for profit, company which can be stated as being a public business around the NYSE. In case you spend your cash to them (and you also *will* be wasting it), then you have nobody to blame but oneself. The entire administration of the company should be punished and jailed because of their purposeful long term sham upon the general public, this really is improbable to take place so that you should pay for an essay be careful of them and keep away, much away, from UOP. Use your cash wisely. Go to a true university. Do not discard your money (along with your credit history) on UOP and wind-up with a piece of document that is totally useless. I can not believe i am getting I presently go to UOP and that I feel trapped… 1400 a class after I go-to school and my teacher talks exactly about her life generally, doesn’t show us just how to write papers in APA sort actually when alllllll of the students in her type fail to comprehend that well is not unsurprised.

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This spot can be im and a joke getting so robbed I must escape this university ASAP Peter3 years back I’m embarrassed to share with you with anyone who I attended! The amount of penalties they have paid is surprising. An payback, for me. Morse Brown lost its certification. Because the dues could n’t be paid by Moris Brown. FORPROFIT. DON”T WASTE YOUR OWN TIME UOPx alumni3 years ago I am trying to contact a lawyer in just one of these regulation fits. Has anybody witnessed a law firms brand that’s currently or had previously been aside of the suit against university of Phoenix?

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Any help is CONSIDERABLY! I was guaranteed that the majority or even my credits all might transport to colleges that were regional. I have unearthed that the colleges near me all would not even take 1 / 2 of my loans from my UOPx Affiliates amount! I am presently participating Penn State Earth for my Bachelors level. 24 credits were simply taken by them from 60 of credits. Now I’ve to retake 12 classes. I wasted thousands of years and bucks from my entire life. I don’t have this type of money. I study that in a civil law suit whistle-blowers stated they were advised to inform customer (future pupils) that loans might shift to faculties even when they would to not make the sale.

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I think I deserve compensation for this lie. I would not have went to UOPx whenever they had said the truth! By the period I get my BSA, I will have been indebt because of the UOPx rest in faculty a decade immediately and an additional 30k. Please enable me. Thanksastal513 years back This school is just a massive joke and they’re still running a business running individuals credit in great amounts, on-going, class-action law suits and the countless complaints are why they have the ability to stay open and that I am still questioning. They do not advise pupils of there concealed plans and many learners are jeopardize should they decide to transfer and keep and end up in a heavy default price of debt from this university. They’ve another class action match arriving against them again and teams checking the web everyday for complaints against them.

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The standing of their levels are useless (DO NOT GO TO THIS FACULTY) UOP student4 years ago I am from Sacramento Campus. The finacial advisor Mardis is really a laugh… He definitely does not understand how to handle the pupils. The University teaches so much about management and ethics, yet a few of their staff should find out ehtics. Mary4 years ago I am presently participating UOP and that I have 4 lessons quit (like the 2 I’m in currently) till I finish my Bachelor’s in Accounting. I’ve attended UOP for approximately annually. I am worried that I’ve lost money and my time likely to this school. I’ve nothing superior to state concerning this university and am simply trying to finish the amount to be completed with it up.

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I am sure I-donot wish to get it from UOP although I want to go on to my Master’s. All classes are setup the exact same as well as the team construction is horrible. Where could I learn about lawsuits against them? Kristin4 years ago I went here for approximately annually. I needed the female along with some data last year I spoke to generally sent me into applyinge managed to get seem like the best college in the world. I’d just been let go from my career, plus it felt like a great deal – 2 years for an associates degree and spend only $100 monthly once you graduate. Today they’re denying that I owe $9000 for a year of nothing and they mentioned all that.

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i am so irate and I do not know what direction to go. With all the material published on most of the lawsuits against them and the internet, why are they still around Stacy4 years back I wrote the posting that was above. Please contact for any information. Stacy4 years back Until I learn this fraudent activity that was occuring at this school about all I used to be a current student in the UoP. I am, as I composing this, in the process of earning plans from this “college” to disengagement. I’ve merely attended three classes and my last was just began by me. About withdrawing without owing what I ought to, how do you go? How do I do something against what’s been already priced? Any answers could be valued and anything I will do, please let me know.

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Tina4 years ago UOP is a con I attended for a 1 1/2 learned nothing, once I began to discover universities to have my B.A. That was discovered by me even though you get an A.A. From UOP it’s unproductive which don’t meet with the condition educational instructions for popularity into a public university using the UOP degree. So I enrolled and withdrew at a public community school. UOP says I today owe money to them as the scholarships due to be paid next year must be returned to the government. And exactly why do I owe you money? And they also demanded I receive loans that is not legal and since scholarships weren’t a thing that was sure. I am looking for legal counsel, I am indebt and still have no degree. Cheers for nothing UOP UOP LAWSUIT…

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UOP FRAUD4 years back Lately, a federal probe has caused FL’s Attorney General to report civil compaints against UOP for scam. Class-action lawsuits are forth currently coming in great amounts. I consider the are misrepresenting financial aid acessability to individuals and am a present student. Check it out4 years back You’re able to talk with whom they’re accredited if you go-to the table of training. which from what I’ve viewed 98% of different colleges don’t fall under the exact same accredits, which means credits aren’t transferable. UofP is actually a fraud and for that motive alone ought to be eliminated severaly. Danielle4 years ago I was participating uop, but I had to depart since I got a B- in a-class causign my gpa to slide to your 2.98 which was below the 3.00 had a need to reamain while in the education plan. While participating I submitted my financial aid paperwork all ontime but my fund planner didn’t publish it. As a result I obtained a statement saying I owed 500, over $3.

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Needless to say but I-donot feel i should need to pay it simply because they didn’t do the things they were imagined to on their finish. Together with that I am today learning that I wold not manage to use my ECE (Early-Childhood) diploma in my express. Since I feel that was a fraud to acquire income that I’m today in charge of trying to repay, I am considering suing them. Brian4 years back As being a pupil of UoP online I’m enrolled at this comment’s time. I’m retaining a 4.0 GPA and signed up for the IT diploma system. This area is really a waste of money and time. I’m currently fielding many presents to affix class action matchis for accreditation and schooling scam.

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I used to be trick into trusting their IT program was not totally unaccredited. Upon critique, this program will not permit me access to the careers I used to be cause feel I possibly could be eligible for and isn’t certified. Intel nor Microsoft can contemplate my employment based on my level from UoP Axia. Without even the accreditation or the ABET leading industry organizations will not contemplate for work, aside from GPA or actual knowledge. And so I advise that anyone trying to obtain career, they seek encounter elsewhere. Simply having a level from UoP will not cut it. This is fraud in most sensation of the phrase. I was advised I could get yourself a job at Microsoft or Intel with my degree.

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I was deceive… Jay5 years ago I visited Phoenix’s School and acquired my bachelor’s-degree in Human Services (Jan. UOP is just a true “level work”. Though I received a GPA of 3.65 and completed every one of my assignments with minimum help I did so not feel just like remembering since it didn’t feel like I achieved much after I finished from UOP! Nearly like I robbed myself. Ido feel the instructors are advised to appear another way-when it involves grading. Some of my work was not really incidental without effort required. I will chat from both sides, I went along to UOP on online the final year and campus the first a couple of years 5. Both practices were a whole ruse tome.

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I’m currently of pursuing my master’s-degree however, in the act; I’ve decided to-go the way that is traditional. This time I do want to experience ” fulfillment and success “. I no further need to inform someone I have my amount from a web based college as well as their response is, “me too Register or register and post utilizing a HubPages consideration. 8192 people left.Post Comment URLs will undoubtedly be hyperlinked, although no HTML is helped in remarks. For endorsing your Locations or other sites remarks aren’t.