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JingNov 19,2014

Jing This is the #1 best way to communicate your notes to our team, once we are close to completion and have the basics in place. Note: Jing is best for multiple short videos, i.e. 1 per page. This helps us handle notes better, and it’s easier to record for you, and works with Jing’s Read More…

Nexgen WordPress Gallery Edits

How to Edit your WordPress Photo Image Gallery Note: The main page, with all the car-makes, is created simply using the “Album” feature, and then you simply drop in a shortcode into a page – or use the handy button here:  

Translate Menus and Widgets

If you’re using QTranslate plugin (our default most-recommended wordpress translation system), writing your main content including page URLs etc. in multiple languages is very easy – just click the various language tabs and enter it for that language. That said, a few places in wordpress, such as widget areas which might be on the header, Read More…

Clickable Image Areas

How to make clickable areas in an image. A.k.a. “Image map”, also searched for as “multiple URLs within 1 image” or define an area to be clickable in an image. This technique is used to make multiple clickable areas within a single image. Example: Image Map Tool: Questions? Ask away and we’ll update this page.


FontsOct 16,2012

How to Change the Fonts on SwiftCMS Websites Note: This applies specifically only to SwiftCMS driven websites, not wordpress in general. Most wordpress themes require hand-editing of CSS style sheets, often requiring FTP, and are a bit more tech-skills-demanding than you’ll know how to do, if you’re reading this article. So, if you have a Read More…

Next Gen Gallery

Next Gen GalleryOct 01,2012

NextGen gallery is a plugin that SwiftCMS officially supports. Note this is not to be confused with our own proprietary gallery, which will be deprecated (phased out) in SwiftCMS 3.0, as we add more features to instead support more widely supported systems including this one. So, over time, we recommend all galleries are converted from Read More…


TablesJul 18,2012

[JULY 18, 2012 Update: New Plugin Added (Better! More Powerful!)] There are several possible ways to add tables to your website. Here’s the most powerful, and if it doesn’t work well for you , move to the method below. It will work, but being more powerful, also allows more options, which may require some custom Read More…

Public Files Upload

Public Files UploadMay 10,2012

How to Create a Public Large Files Upload Box Note: This method works and is simple. We are working on more sophisticated options using both dropbox and Google Docs, but so far, this is the best and only method, which is creating a direct URL to a public-enabled Google Docs folder. Login to Google Docs Read More…

Dealer / Store Locator

Dealer / Store Locator: How to Install Go to Plugins >> “Store Locator for WordPress” and click activate In the admin panel, you should now see a “Store Locator” section. Fill this out with your store’s or dealer’s locations. Additional documentation: Plugin Help File: Store Locator WPress documentation Questions? Contact us through /Support and we’ll update Read More…

Malware Removal

Malware RemovalApr 02,2012

If you see a screen like this (in Chrome…) or like this (in Firefox)… or similar in other browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) then this post applies to you. The bad news: Your Site Was Hacked! The good news: (1.) it was probably before you moved your site to SwiftCMS, so you just need to Read More…