Auto Mechanic Website Template

A great Auto Mechanic Website Template is more than just an online brochure – it’s an online storefront to sell for you 24/7, help you increase your car count and average repair order, streamline work in process, stabilize your income by increasing maintenance work and elective work (i.e. performance modification work or design enhancement work), and the foundation of search engine optimization so clients who need your help can find you quickly.

If you aren’t online you ARE losing money.

A great Auto Mechanic Website Template, hooked to a CMS (Content Management System, so you have a simple, easy-to-use control panel) is the first step.

That’s a lot to take in, so let’s break it down. Also, by the way if you’re a designer, ask about our reseller program – your mechanics will thank you, as they’ll get far more industry-relevant systems while you can focus on design issues, collateral material, etc.

First, with an Auto Mechanic Website Template, the #1 goal of the site is to create leads which will be sold offline. What this will look like is a stream of consumers asking “buying signal” questions – like “I have a 73′ El Camino, do you do custom racing transmissions?” or “How much will it cost for a 50,000 maintenance of a Porsche Carerra?”. Don’t worry,  you can easily derail cost – it’s just the place people start when they don’t know how to shop or what to look for. When these leads come through (for car mechanics, we can set it up to fax you at the shop, text your phone, email you, and of course all leads are stored in SwiftCRM, an online dashboard pre-configured for auto mechanics), just give ’em a call – they’re just clients who need your help, and most of the time you’ll tell them to bring the car in so you can take a look.

Which is probably where you’re at right now, looking for an Auto Mechanic Website Template. It’s ok – our job is to quickly educate you why we’re the bar-none best value in the marketplace (we are! read on) for a Auto Mechanic Website Template.

Here are some of the unique features included with each of our Auto Mechanic Website Template projects:

  • Pre-loaded content, written for auto mechanics, so you jump ahead to have a website with as little hassle as possible. If you just buy a Auto Mechanic Website Template by itself (from some other company), you’ll get some source code you will then have to spend time dealing with nameservers, hosting, splitting headers, renaming files to avoid duplicate content, hoping you place the content right… in short, you’ll have a bunch of work and hassles you don’t even know you’ll have yet – we solve all this for you.
  • Foundation SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help you be #1 in Google & Bing pre-created for you with automatic submission to search engines included. Optional add-ons include do-it-yourself SEO tasks, or delegate it to our team of both US based and overseas experts. You’ll also be part of a cross-linking “SEO Club”, helped by non-competing mechanics in other cities to reach the top.
  • Form-capture for leads, tied into SwiftCRM so you have an online dashboard for your leads. If you choose to, you can use SwiftCRM as auto mechanic software to track orders, work in process, store notes about cars – or use the CRM with whatever software you already have.
  • Optional Mass Email Newsletter systems
  • Pre-loaded licensed images skillfully woven into your Auto Mechanic Website Template.
  • Electronic New client intake form – just hand your client a tablet computer (iPad or similar) and their file gets opened instantly online via Wi-Fi and they get added to your newsletter if you choose.
  • Your website control panel includes a blog, photo gallery, contact page with automatic google maps directions to your shop, a contact page with store hours, and can be connected to social media like facebook, yelp, citypages or citysearch,, has an RSS feed for readers, and the entire site can be edited by or your staff from anywhere in the world (with login, of course).
  • Phone formatting for smart phones
  • Professional email, with web-mail so you can access your email from your home, the shop, your phone, and it’s always synchronized.
  • Online Payment options and optional invoicing online for clients to pay before pickup.
  • So much more – facebook automation, yelp connection, google maps, picture galleries, e-commerce so clients can pay online … anything you need to succeed.
  • New enhancements all the time!

All for far less than you’d pay a custom designer. If you’re looking for a Auto Mechanic Website Template, you’re in the right place – but we’ve got so much more.

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